Tone Play Mixing – Online DJ Course


Tone play is a creative way to transition and mix between different songs. This course will teach you how to come up with your own tone play transitions, perform better in your DJ sets and also play your equipment like an instrument. Its a creative DJ course with unique training tools to download inside the course.


Tone Play DJ Mixing - Online Course

What is tone play?

Tone play mixing is a creative technique used by a lot of DJs who perform routines. It can also be used to transition between music in club sets and a way to blend different genres together. The art of tone play is being able to perform the melody of one song with the notes and sounds from another song. This can be done with hot cues or other technology such as pitch shifting/keyboard performance modes found on a range of equipment/software.

What will this course teach me?

  • How to perform tone play transitions
  • How to work out tone play’s of your own
  • Finger drumming techniques
  • Essential music theory
  • How to play your DJ equipment like an instrument
  • Ideas for creating your own melodies

Course Overview - Sneak Peek!

Crossfader Tone Play Training Tools

We have developed a pack full of training tools you can download within the course. It will allow you to follow along with the lessons step by step. There are tools inside which will really help you come up with your own tone play transitions.

Whats inside?

  • Piano Tools In Each Key (All you need is 8 hot cue pads)
  • Crossfader Melodic Beats (Play along in real time)
  • Crossfader Instrumental Beats (Perform your own melodies over the beats)

Is this DJ course right for me?

    • This DJ course is suitable for any DJ who is already confident at mixing and basic DJ skills. Tone Play mixing is a more advanced trick to learn so we wouldn’t recommend this course for total beginner DJ’s.
    • The course is taught using Serato DJ Pro & Rekordbox DJ. Some of the lessons use the Serato Pitch ‘N’ Time DJ expansion pack.
  • You can take this course if currently have access to 8 hot cue pads on your equipment. The extra lessons using Pitch N Time DJ from Serato can be performed if you own any of the following equipment:
    Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
    Pioneer DJ DDJ SP-1
    Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2
    Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ
    Pioneer DJ DJM-S9
    Numark NS7II
    Numark NS7III
    Numark NV
    Numark NVII
    Akai Pro AFX
    Denon MCX8000
    Denon MC7000
    Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2
    Reloop MIXON4
    Roland DJ-808

If you own the DDJ RB/RR/RX/RZ/RZX then we will show you how to midi map the keyboard mode to your controller just like the DDJ 400 & DDJ 1000.

Why learn with Crossfader?

Watch from the comfort of your own home with easy to follow video lessons. The course is accessible 24/7 from your Crossfader account, so you can watch wherever, whenever, as many times as you need.

Check out the lessons below to get an overview of what this course covers. If it seems a perfect fit then we look forward to helping you become the DJ you’ve always dreamt of becoming.