Pioneer DDJ SB3 – Beginner Online DJ Course


Our Beginner Online DJ Course specifically for the Pioneer DDJ SB3 is the perfect way to get you started on your journey to becoming a confident DJ. We will teach you the core skills every DJ needs to master and have you mixing in no time.


Learn how to DJ with Crossfader!

What will this course teach me?

Firstly we will show you how to get started with the Pioneer DDJ SB3 & Serato DJ Lite software. From importing our Crossfader Music Pack & DJ Tools to explaining how to use the essential features ready to press play on your first mix.

There are core skills every DJ should master including learning to beat match by ear, without the help of beat counters, wave forms or sync buttons. The first section of the course includes multiples lessons packed with tips and techniques to ensure you can beat match 2 tracks together without relying on any of these digital features. This is all thanks to our Crossfader DJ Tools pack!

What next?

Once you have mastered these skills we will teach you how to properly mix and blend tracks together using the EQs and filters. After that you will learn how to start performing with your controllers features, such as hot cues, loops, fx fade pad mode and the Serato DJ Lite effects.

The full lesson plan is at the bottom of the page…

pioneer ddj sb3

Crossfader DJ Tools & Music Pack Download

We have developed a foolproof way to learn the core DJ skills you will need to master. Inside the course is access to our Crossfader Music and DJ Tools pack.

You can literally load the exact same songs or tools used in every lesson into your software/hardware and follow along step by step.

This has helped hundreds of previous students master the art of beat matching and mixing in no time!

crossfader dj tools pack

Is this DJ course right for me?

  • This DJ course is perfect for total beginners who are just getting started with the Pioneer DDJ SB3. The course will help you avoid picking up bad habits and ensure you’re learning all the core skills accurately.
  • This course is suitable for DJs who know how to use the equipment but still struggle to beat match by ear. Or for DJs who are unsure why their mixes just don’t sound quite right.

I’m using Serato DJ Pro, not Lite… is this course still applicable?

All of the lessons in the course use the Serato DJ Lite software but this course is just as beneficial to beginners using the Pioneer DDJ SB3 with Serato DJ Pro.

Why learn with Crossfader?

Watch from the comfort of your own home with easy to follow video lessons. The course is accessible 24/7 from your Crossfader account, so you can watch wherever, whenever, as many times as you need.

Check out the lessons below to get an overview of what this course covers. If it seems a perfect fit then we look forward to helping you become the DJ you’ve always dreamt of becoming.

Please note: To make the most of this course you will need the Pioneer DDJ SB3 controller or equivalent (not sold with the course).

We would also recommend a pair of headphones and some speakers to make the most of your training.