Online DJ Courses

Our online DJ courses are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your equipment. Our courses cover everything from beginner DJ lessons to advanced tips and tricks.

Learn how to DJ with all the technical features on your equipment & software. We will teach you how to combine performance features creatively to become a confident DJ that can play in clubs and parties, create routines and just enjoy mixing your favourite songs!

Why choose an online DJ course with Crossfader?

Key Features:

  • Access to videos 24/7.
  • Free music & DJ/scratching tools with courses.
  • Learn at home¬†on your equipment.
  • Unlimited views.
  • Join a community of other DJs.
  • Use comments section or email to talk directly with tutor.

How We Teach:

Our courses are filmed from above the equipment so you can follow along step by step with the tutor. There are screen grabs from any software used to learn each mixing technique.

We have made specific 'DJ Tools' and a 'Crossfader Music Pack' to help you master foundation skills such as beat matching and mixing skills within the beginner DJ courses. The 'Scratching DJ Course' has 80+ 'Crossfader Scratching Loops' that you can load into your software/hardware to follow along with the lesson videos.

Want a sneak peek at some lessons?

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