Serato 2.1 Beta

Serato DJ Pro 2.1 Update

Introducing Serato Play and Streaming Integration

It’s been a busy few weeks in the world of DJ tech, with a whole host of companies announcing new products and services at ADE. First we found out last week that Serato were partnering with Tidal and Soundcloud to offer DJ’s music streaming capabilities within the software. Opening two huge catalogues into DJ’s hands to play from. Then shortly afterwards Beatport, the worlds largest DJ specific music store, announced it too would be entering the subscription based market. Now this is huge for DJ’s and it’s only taken a us a week to get a taste of what it will run like. Today Serato launched the public beta for 2.1, bringing Tidal streaming to both DJ Pro and DJ Lite software packages. On top of this we are also treated to a Serato Play, a new expansion pack for Serato DJ Pro that enables laptop only DJing and updates to the Rane Seventy Two mixer. Let’s take a closer look.

Music Streaming In Serato
Music Streaming is now within Serato's preferences.

Tidal Music Streaming

Music streaming within Serato isn’t a brand new concept, as a few of you will remember from the now defunct Pulselocker service. The Tidal service works much the same, you can enable the Tidal view from within the library settings, once active you simply log in with your Tidal subscription and your playlists will be downloaded into a Tidal crate. Searching for a song within Tidal’s library is as simple as searching your own library, when searching Serato will show files matching that name within your library and Tidals. You can turn Tidal searching on and off via the logo displayed next to the search box to only see local files. Streamed files will need analysing the first time you play them but this analysis will be saved locally to your computer so expect faster load times the next time you come to that track. Tidal is well known for its industry leading sound quality and when streaming, Serato will play files in either high fidelity FLAC or AAC, not MQL. We can expect Soundcloud to be integrated in a later version of Serato, we will update you when this released.

Key Points…

  • You will need to pay for a Tidal subscription to access the music
  • There is a 30 day free trial
  • Tidal has one of the highest quality streaming platforms available (FLAC/AAC)
  • You will need to be connected to the internet to play the music (No offline streaming as yet)
  • Saved playlists on the Tidal website will appear in Serato DJ library

Serato Play

Serato Play is a brand new expansion pack that will enable DJ’s to access filters, eq’s and other expansion packs with no external hardware plugged in. Just like in Traktor, Virtual DJ and Rekordbox (with Performance Mode activated) DJ’s will now have the ability to fully mix with a mouse and keyboard, outputting the master to the computers internal speakers or headphones.  This not only allows DJ’s to practice with full functionality whilst on the move, it also acts as a fantastic back up should a cable or piece of hardware fail.

Other Updates

Rane Seventy-Two Firmware Update

This firmware update adds support for the much requested Serato Post-Fader FX, improved pad response times, plus more. Look out for a update from Rane for further information.

Trial Resets
Serato have kindly reset all the free trials within Serato DJ, so if you are wanting to try out the new Play expansion pack or any others, you can now have another full free trial!

How do you get these new features?

As with all beta products, this is purely for testing purposes only. We highly recommend you don’t use either products in a live environment just yet, the full public release won’t be long. To try out these amazing new features you can join the public beta via the Serato forums, we will place a link below. If you encounter any issues whilst trialing the new software, make sure to leave feedback in the forum to ensure all bugs are ironed out for the public release!

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