DJ Tips & Tricks #02 – Live Bootleg

Using remixes of the same track to create a mash up.


DJ Tips!

In this DJ tips & tricks episode Jamie Hartley has used the number 1 smash hit Changing by Sigma. This videos shows how you can use different remixes of the same song to create a live bootleg. For this mix Jamie had to prepare the remixes. He used Pioneer’s Rekordbox however you can do the same thing with Serato DJ or Traktor. Track by track Jamie has carefully placed hot cue points at the start of various phrases in each track. He wanted to try keep the lyrical structure of the track throughout the mash up and use a different chorus and verse from each remix to piece together a whole new version of it. As well as hot cues Jamie has had to do a live transition between different BPM’s. To do this Jamie used the ‘Wide’ function (tempo range button) on the Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS to stretch the track drastically before manually moving the tempo control back to normal. This is a great DJ trick to practice especially for moving between different genres of music while playing in clubs.

Check the video out and go get practicing!

Here are links to the different remixes!

Sigma – Changing (Goldsmyth Remix)

Sigma – Changing (Original Version)

Sigma – Changing (James Hype Remix)

Sigma – Changing (Majestic Remix)

Sigma – Changing (Klingande Remix)

Sigma – Changing (Sigma VIP Remix)

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