This week on tips and tricks, Jamie Hartley takes you through some of the more unknown features of the Pioneer DDJ 1000 controller. These tricks will help you become more creative in your DJ sets and help you take full control over your Rekordbox set up!

Learn how to play along to the melody of a song in this free DJ lesson taken from our Tone Play Mixing Course.

Have you ever sat in front of your DJ equipment wondering where to start when planning a DJ set or routine? Do you need some inspiration to help you start thinking creatively about music? We’re here to give you some starting points and help you get inspired!

Do you want to learn how to stand out from other DJs? Start using these 5 creative mixing techniques in your sets today! Learn how to perform wordplay, toneplay or resample other music in our video tutorial. Free DJ lessons available to help you become a better DJ today!

Acapellas are great tools but sometimes it’s hard knowing how to use them effectively! Learn how to swap the beat under an acapella in this tutorial.

DJs are you ready for some Rekordbox tips and tricks? Learn how to use hot cue bank lists, track filter, and some handy keyboard shortcuts plus much more!

You can learn to scratch with any DJ set up however you need to make sure that this setting is changed before starting. Is your crossfader curve set up correctly?

What is key lock? Want to find out what master tempo means? DJ’s make use of key lock to improve the sound of your mixes. Its a simple trick that will make a huge difference to your DJ sets.

Follow our simple 3 step video tutorial and learn how to export your music to USB in Pioneer’s Rekordbox ready to DJ with.