Learn how to scratch in triplet timing and download our free scratch sounds, beats and tools to follow along step by step!

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From 10 years ago with the original CDJ2000, the blue waveform has become a staple of the Pioneer line up. However it doesn’t have to be this way, today we show you how to change the look of your waveforms!

Did you know on the XDJ-RX2 you can move your loops in the track whilst playing? Today we show you how to do it and give you two examples of how to use this creative technique in a live performance!

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The Pioneer XDJ RX2 offers a whole host of performance features for DJ’s, but there are some features that are a little less obvious to the naked eye. Today Jamie Hartley takes you through some of the lesser known features of this stand alone unit.

Do you want your mixes to sound better? One of the easiest ways of creating smooth mixes that blend together almost seamlessly is to mix in key. There is a bit of music theory to understand to take full advantage of mixing key but luckily for us, recent updates to DJ software and hardware is making it easier than ever.

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Once you know how to baby scratch It’s essential to learn this before moving onto more advanced scratching, combo’s, flares and patterns. This trick will improve your baby scratch instantly!