n the modern era of DJ’ing the motor switch is quite a rare sight so we lose the ability to recreate this trick. However there is a way to recreate this trick and even take it to the next level by being able to adjust the speed of the brake.

Managing your music is a personal and unique thing to do, every DJ has their own way of doing it and no two libraries are the same. However it’s a time consuming task creating new crates, playlists and collections of music. However in the age of digital DJ’ing there are now easier ways to keep…

The Hot Cue behaviour on Rekordbox acts identical to that on a CDJ. However what a lot of DJ’s won’t know, there is another way!

The effect unit on DJM mixer doesn’t always automatically find the right BPM. Manually tapping can take a while to get right but did you know there is an easier way of finding the perfect BPM?

From 10 years ago with the original CDJ2000, the blue waveform has become a staple of the Pioneer line up. However it doesn’t have to be this way, today we show you how to change the look of your waveforms!

Did you know you can change the colour of you Hot Cues and even name them in a majority of DJ Software? Today we show you how!

In this free lesson, we show you how to take your baby scratch to the next level. By varying your timings, you will learn how to perform more complex routines and patterns.

Did you know you can prep tracks whilst DJing in Serato? Today we show you how to use the prepare crate to save you time in your sets!

Did you know on the XDJ-RX2 you can move your loops in the track whilst playing? Today we show you how to do it and give you two examples of how to use this creative technique in a live performance!

Do you know what AM mode is in Serato and how to use it? In todays episode of did you know, we take a look at this handy feature and how to enable it!