Do you want your mixes to sound better? One of the easiest ways of creating smooth mixes that blend together almost seamlessly is to mix in key. There is a bit of music theory to understand to take full advantage of mixing key but luckily for us, recent updates to DJ software and hardware is making it easier than ever.

It’s the new year which means ‘a new me’…. doesn’t it? DJ’s are you planning on making 2018 your year??? Here are our top 5 tips for DJs in 2018!

Using the SYNC button to DJ is one of the biggest and most controversial subjects in the industry. Is it cheating? Find out what we think here!

We regularly see quotes like ‘you’re not a real DJ if you don’t play vinyl’ or ‘if you don’t play vinyl you’re cheating’ and similar plastered across social media from a small set of older DJs who refuse to accept how the industry has progressed. Here is our response!

The DJ industry is extremely competitive, with thousands of DJs fighting for far fewer jobs. Getting a foot in the door is no easy feat and perhaps why this is currently such a hot topic.

Bitrate – Tips for DJs Bitrate is something that every DJ needs to know about yet a lot of beginners don’t. Every new DJ needs to know from the start of their journey what bitrate is and what it means otherwise there could be a lot of wasted time further down the road. So what…