What’s in your bag Danny James

What’s in your bag – Danny James

Crossfader is in the Alps, here's what we have taken!

Rise Festival, based in Les 2 Alpes in the French Alps, is a week long music festival which this year saw the likes of Annie Mac, Camelphat and Sonny Federa headlining. Crossfader is a proud brand partner of Rise Festival and as such our DJ’s head to the alps every year to perform, ski and party! Every year we run a DJ competition to bring one lucky DJ and their friends to the festival to play a set in the mountains. Today we take a look into the bags of DJ Danny James to find out the essentials needed for playing in the mountains!

Danny James

Macbook Pro 13”

Used for preparing Rekordbox USB sticks and downloading new music whilst on the go, Danny is also using his laptop to continue producing new music and has currently been working on 5 tracks in his downtime between Snowboarding and DJ’ing.

3 External Hard Drives

After experiencing data loss before, Danny is never short of a back up. With one dedicated time machine back up of his entire macbook on one hard drive, he uses the other two for music and video. That’s over 4 terabytes of back ups should the worst ever happen.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 Headphones

Quite a recent purchase Danny is rocking a pair of the new Pioneer DJ cans, complete with coiled cable and jack adaptor.

4 USB Sticks

Danny uses 2 64GB Sandisk Ultra Flair 3.0 USB flash drives for his DJ’ing with both carrying identical Rekordbox collections in case of faulty link ports. Further to this he carries a 128GB version of theĀ  Sandisk Ultra Flair with a larger Rekordbox DJ library on board for times where he may need a song he doesn’t usually play. Danny uses the Sandisc Ultra Flair USB’s as the great write speed’s help with reducing Rekordbox export times. Finally Danny carries visuals and logo files on a regular 64gb Sandisc Ultra USB stick to ensure the screen’s and projectors at his gigs are displaying the correct visuals as you can’t always rely on the internet to transfer files in remote locations or underground clubs.

Olympus LS-12 Audio Recorder

To record his sets in the highest quality, Danny uses an Olympus LS-12 Audio Recorder. This allows him to alter the levels of the recording to best match that of the output from the mixer and records to a 32GB SD card. The line in on the recorder is connected to the record out of the mixer via a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable. Carrying this cable also gives Danny the ability to plug his phone into the mixer as a source should there be a technical issue with the decks.

Chargers and Adapters

To make sure everything keeps charged up Danny carries a Macbook charger and iPhone charger on him at all times. Being a new Macbook model which only carries the USB Type C connections, Danny is forced to carry USB Type C – USB Type A dongles to keep his DJ USB’s updated and a USB Type A to SD card reader so he can read the SD cards of his audio recorder. Last but not least, Danny is carrying a world power adaptor to ensure his UK macbook charger can be plugged into the French sockets!

Lip balm

DJing the Alps is great fun but the movement from freezing temperatures outside to extreme dry heat inside DJ booths and clubs takes its toll on your body, especially your lips. To ensure they don’t crack during the week Danny carries lip balm with him at all times.


Marketing is key in this age of DJing and what better way of marking your territory than handing out stickers to fans and club owners. After Danny’s first gig at MiniBar where a sticker was placed in the DJ booth, Danny received a text from a friend who didn’t actually know he was out in the alps at the time saying he had seen his logo 900 miles from home!

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